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Icon Set Version 1.0

Description: Icon set version 1.0 - displays all the icons that have been uploaded from start till August 22 2011. The icons displayed in the above graphic from left are Business, Automobiles, Shopping cart, Food order, Restaurants, Location or map, Camera or photography, Doctor, Calendar or date, Hospital, Database, Document or profile, Medicines, Human - male icon, Hotels, Key or secuirity icon, Movie or film icon, Mobile or communication icon, Home Icon, Video icon, Link icon, Home delivery icon, Mail or email Icon, Speaker or music icon, Edit or Edit profile icon, Download icon, Settings or preferences, Soccer icon, Basketball icon, Information, Tennis ball icon, Television icon, Chat, Idea, vacation icon, Search Icon, Real estate Icon, Plumber icon, Carpenter icon, Toys icon, Human - female icon, Settings or gear icon, Clock alarm or time icon, Book or library icon and Telephone directory icon.

You can browse through the posts and download each icon individually. However if you want to download all icons of Set Version 1.0 displayed above in ONE GO, you can click on the Buy Now button bellow and make a convenience payment of $10 only. Once the payment is received we will email you the link to download all the vector source files of all the icons displayed above.

For any queries please Contact Us.
You can use the icons for personal or commercial purpose but you cannot resell the icons.


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